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Sunday, September 12, 2010


After a very long, exhausting and emotionally taxing week (which is a post for another day)Jay and I retreated to my life-long friend Julia's house for the afternoon and night yesterday.

You know that you're in trouble when New Jersey seems like a rustic retreat into nature! But it's a problem that I own. When I visit Julia, I have to admit that I think her part of southern New Jersey is one of the prettiest places on the east coast. (this, combined with my claim that Lady Gaga creates valuable "art" may make me certifiable! ...whatever.)

We brought up a dozen assorted cupcakes from the Philadelphia Cupcake Company and they were a HUGE and BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS hit. My husband recommends the peanut butter cupcakes, but I saw the biggest, scrumptious reaction from the peanut butter and jelly cupcakes. Admittedly, I didn't have one, but I could honestly admire their beauty. Fancy stuff there.

Previously, we had plans to visit F&VR in Northern NJ on Sunday, but after a troubling and draining week neither Jay or I was up for it. I think that we both needed a Sunday at home to prepare for Lila's first day of kindergarten and Bunny's return to a difficult first grade start.

That said, we had a wonderful time in New Jersey. It truly was a play date for all. B and L played with the Dichi-girls wonderfully and Jay and M also play well together. When we were driving out there I had that weighty feeling of knowing that I wasn't in the "right frame of mind" for a night out... meaning that I was too caught up in the miseries of my present life to concentrate on being good conversation and company. But once we were there I really forgot my troubles. I guess that when you've known someone for so long you can really let your hair down and not be fun, feeling safe that your boring and sad mood won't be reason to judge you.

Some friendships just get better with time.

And it's magical to see your children become friends with the people who have seen you through the best of times. Really... magic.

When we got home all I wanted to do was make a huge pan of chunky vegetable red sauce, grind half a cup of Parmesan cheese, mush up and roll out a few meatballs, steam some spinach and boil a batch of linguine (all the while nursing a lovely glass of red wine.)

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