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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

JuJu Salon

It's already time for back-to-school hair cuts. Where did the summer go? Where did babyhood and toddlers and little shoes without rubber-soles go? Where did mashed up peas, nappies, swings and stainless steel sippy cups all go?

I can't believe that it's already been a full year since LLBean cut her waist length hair into a stacked a-line, super-short, super-cute, PoshSpice doo. Adorable as it was, she's ready to grow this cut out and we decided to just have it bluntly cut into a uni-length bob.

B, on the other hand, hates long hair. She loves for her hair to be short, funky and tangle-free. She's been begging for bangs, so they were the first thing that she mentioned to her stylist.

This afternoon we headed back into the juju salon in South Philly. It's an organic salon that is unlike any other salon experience I've had. As a mom, when I walk into a regular salon with two little kids, I often feel the entire staff sigh from the ends of their hair to the marrow in their bones. Some brave soul will lose the stick-pick and have to take us in and "get it over with." They'll do the bare minimum, work fast, use their hands to yank my child's head from side to side and look as if the very presence of my children gives them all booming migraine headaches. We always walk out feeling like we should apologize and leave a double tip simply because we have dared to exist and have hair.

But the juju salon is so nice. Everyone there is friendly. It's homey. I could get drunk on red wine (though I haven't yet don't) and sample various lotions scented with organic essential oil that helps both the skin and the attitude while my children are hippified by a chic, fun, friendly stylist who treats them as equals, asks questions about their lives and validates their hair-wants. I especially like that the stylists there ask my children what THEY want, instead of asking me.

I also love the way it looks an smells there. All those ammonia and perm chemicals and weird perfumy, acrylic, chloroform, formaldehyde fragrances are completely absent from juju. It's so nice to just smell cinnamon and vanilla and maybe a waft of lavender will venture over to the vintage couch where I've taken up camp with my warm cup of tea (that I always wish was wine). The furniture is pretty and looks like it was previously housed in someones... well, insomeones house! Dressers replace silver work stations. Original art pieces replace glossy, mass produced Flock of Eagleseque framed head shots. Hardwood floors replace linoleum. The entire experience is just PLEASANT!

But, best, of course... are the haircuts. I have never seen either of my children walk out of the juju salon with a bad cut. They nail it every time. I feel that the people who work there are really great at reading personalities and taking liberties. So, if you're in Philly and you're looking for a great salon, go to juju.


  1. So cute!

    I love back to school time. There's just so much hope and promise. New clothes, new haircuts, new school supplies...it's marvelous! Even as a teacher, I get excited about it all.

  2. Me too!

    It makes me want to go back to school myself!