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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dinner at The Franklin Fountain

Tonight we did something that we've never done before. We did something that I have dreamed of... contemplated... anticipated and finally... something that I have executed. Dear friends, we went out and had ice cream FOR DINNER.

I know, I know, my invitation to the mother of the year benefit will likely be rescinded before our clock can say "tomorrow." If it's any consolation to you, Jay told the girls that we were NOT eating ice cream for dinner. Instead, he said that we were skipping dinner and just having dessert. I actually think it's worse to feed your children nothing for dinner. Also, I considered arguing the point that breakfast for dinner is still dinner, so it only seems logical that dessert for dinner is still dinner. But when you have a gigantic ice cream in front of you, who wants to argue about anything? Let Jay skip dinner. But me? I don't skip meals.

We walked down to Old City and grabbed a few tables outside of the The Franklin Fountain.

We all sort of shared, but the girls stuck to their usual green tea ice cream while Jay and I devoured a Stock Market Crunch. (This is ROCKY ROAD ice cream coated in thick peanut butter sauce and paved with crumbled salt pretzels. William Dreyer and Joseph Edy concocted the first batch of rocky road ice cream in 1929 following the great stock market crash to give consumers something to SMILE about during the impending Depression.) Soon, Jack and Jill met up with us and experienced the fountain for the first time.

Mmmm... this was so good.

I feel like this is a good place to delve into my food relationships and the weight that I've lost and the lifestyle change that I have made. But, that's probably a really long story and better told on a day when I have more time to write.

Though I doubt that we'll be eating ice cream for dinner ever again on a regular basis, it certainly was worth it.


  1. you have the nikkol seal of approval on this one ;)

    i am positive i have had nothing but ice cream around dinner time before and prolly will again, lol

  2. The next time that you visit me in Philly... we will rock this.

  3. It was delicious. I say we didn't have ice cream for dinner because I don't want to set a precedent for the kids where that is considered an option. :)

  4. Yeh, whereas I'm like, "eat ice cream. Smoke drugs. Don't use protection. Live on the edge, girls. The EDGE."


  5. ps.

    You are responsible. If it weren't for you, our family would be living in a camper in someone's driveway or in Walmart parking lots.

  6. nice! they make their own root beer too so i must get there soon!

  7. Oooooh, Come and see us and we'll take a walk over!! There are so many fun parks that we could take the girls too as well. Come in the fall!