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Monday, August 30, 2010

broken wing

This is old news, but I think that I should have an entry about it. It's early and I'm without coffee, so bear with me.

While in Florida this summer, B broke her arm. The girls have been playing roughly all summer. Each day was filled with too much arguing, wrestling and outright fighting. By the time that the day came when their strained relationship actually caused an ER visit, I didn't know how much more of it I could take. The fact is that I did less parenting and more refereeing this summer. They disagreed just to disagree and went to great lengths to make each other unhappy.

On the day when B's arm broke, they were racing around the house while I tossed on a swimsuit so that we could make our way down to the beach. I had just gone into the bathroom with my swimsuit when I hurt a thunk come from my bedroom that was followed by a tortured scream. LLBean had given B a forceful kick to the ground.

B's arm is broken on her humerus, just below the clavicle.
It's been really swollen and she's had a terrible amount of pain, though that seems to be getting a little bit better now. I feel so sorry for her. Her last two weeks in Florida were spent outside of water, sitting around and in pain.

After taking B to the ER I followed up with a visit to the Ft. Myers Orthopedic Pediatrician. Today, I'll take her to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for another visit. We have to have two more x-rays to see how it's healing. I worry that she's using it way too much. As happy as I am to be at home, I am sad that she'll have to start her school year with her arm in a splint, sitting against the wall while everyone else plays at recess and participates in movement class. Poor little Bun-bun.

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