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Monday, August 30, 2010

New House In South Philly

So, I definitely spent the better part of tonight feeling unhappy about our new space.

What is wrong with me?


  1. Uh, Anna? This looks like my dream home. The entire time we lived in Jersey City my life-goal was a brick townhouse! Part of the reason we moved is that I realized we'd never be able to afford one in a decent neighborhood.

    If it's any consolation, I've never in my life felt unequivocally happy about ANY move I've made. It's such a major event that it's natural to have some anxiety attached! Well, it's natural if you're ME, anyway.

    I think it's beautiful, and I especially like that I can picture Ben Franklin sauntering by in a tricorner hat. Enjoy!

  2. I know it's not perfect, but it is 3 bedrooms, good kitchen, 1.5 baths, our own laundry machines, a little yard with a patio, and a decent enough size for our stuff without going too far from the school. It's definitely going to be better than paying $200 a month in parking to stay in the apartment we can't afford to live in now.

  3. Hey Lorien, it's really cute inside too. It has old hardwood floors, exposed brick and a tiny little backyard. The kitchen is also very nicely done... which is a plus. Also, our apartment now stinks. Like, it smells so terrible. It has always bothered me. I noticed it when we came to see the apartment and thought that it was because the building had been abandoned for so long and because no one had lived there before... or probably worked there for about 100 years. But, our own little family smell never prevailed and it has always stunk to high heaven. In the next weekend or two, let's get together. What are you guys doing for labor day?

    I am worried about the neighborhood. Jay says that I shouldn't be. But, I am.

    Jay, you are right. I feel a little bit directionless and out of control of my own life. I will blog a lot about it.

  4. I understand that you feel that way, but pretty soon you will have a bunch of time to sort that out, since the girls will both be in school and I'll be at work all day. I'm sorry that you have had to sacrifice so much for our family.

  5. Oh, Anna, I so, so understand what you're saying. I'm a mess right now ... we'll talk. I'd call you now, but I'd probably start crying!

    Don't worry, I'm sure in a few weeks you'll be happily settled in. You'll adjust to the neighborhood ... I know Jay wouldn't move you and the girls to any play he didn't have full confidence in.

  6. Hmmm...

    We might be going through the same thing Lorien.

    We should get together soon. You, me, four kids, two husbands and a few bottles of red wine.

  7. i didn't read any comments to add a fresh perspective. or maybe it's not, we'll see.

    i say nothing is wrong with you. change is difficult and affects people in different ways. even changes for the better, which this sounds like it is, can leave you feeling uneasy. i think you'll settle in. lots of love!

  8. Thanks Nikkol. I have a lot of changes happening too. My whole body has changed. We are moving. Lila is going to school. We were away all summer. I cut off my dreads. I have never been the sort of person who is able to cope well with change. I fall apart. Lately I've felt like running away (to Oregon. So don't be surprised if I show up on your doorstep with two kids and a mini-van.)

  9. I am just catching up on your blog! This is a lovely home! You are going to enjoy this so much once you get settled in... let me know if you need help moving and I will gladly come down for a weekend! xoxo

  10. Thanks Mandie! That would be great. And send people with muscles. I know you know some.

  11. i feel like an ass for missing this.

    you're going to be fine. you are going to LOVE your new home. promise.