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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday- Fundraiser Talk

I joined a fundraiser committee at ICS and went to my first meeting last night.

I have to admit, I did feel a bit like a fish out of water. All of my fundraising experience happened at Deer Path for pre-school and I always sat on the creative side of the fundraising table. That, paired with the fact that I have never actually attended this event and didn't necessarily walk in with an understanding of what it even was... left me with my mouth agape. It took me most of the meeting to actually be able to envision what it will be like.

That said, I think that it will be pretty fun.

It's a 3 hour fundraising event that benefits the school's travel program (something that is so important). The 7th graders at the school will be able to go to Ecuador in April. The funds raised at this event will benefit this trip directly while working to create a sustainable travel program for future children (like my children)!

My part of the evening is to organize a salsa-tasting contest. People can bring 2-3 cups of their own salsa and other guests will vote for a favorite! We don't want people to have to register for this, but for this reason it will be difficult to predict how many salsas will be there. I'd like to make this part of the night really fun and colorful. I was thinking about getting 5 or 6 of something like this and using it to display the salsa. Then, next to each one there could be a bowl of local-homemade chips. I also thought that I could get really beautiful, brightly colored fabrics for the table on fabric row. I need a cute way to keep track of votes. I was thinking of having raffle tickets custom made for this. I found this site that does it affordably.

There a lot to think about.

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