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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feeling Terrorized

Okay, so our apartment company (PMC) contacted us today to tell us that they had our apartment inspected and that there are definitely bed bugs there.

I was sort of holding a smidgen of hope that it was spiders or something, anything less terrible.

We are going to get rid of all of our furniture. We are not going to try to salvage anything. This is especially sad because we have beautiful furniture and we can't afford to replace it with anything beautiful now. I actually feel terrorized. I wonder if that sounds dramatic, but there is no scarier feeling than knowing that you aren't safe while you sleep. I can't even tell you how many tears I've shed over this. I feel dirty. I feel unsafe. I feel like everything I own has been robbed from me.

I feel so sorry for everyone living in that building.

It's not as simple as just cleaning your furniture and getting on with life because they can hide in the smallest cracks. And if you have one... you'll soon have an infestation. I. CAN'T!

We opened an insurance claim. I am SO GLAD that we have renters insurance.

Why is this happening to us?


  1. that's exactly what renter's insurance is for. it'll get better...love you!!!!

  2. I hope so. I saw that you called and I saw your email. I'm so happy for you, Laura. But, honestly, I'm unable to have human exchanges with people right now.

    I think that I've hit my low.