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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday- baby steps to freedom

Jay worked yesterday while the girls and I did what we could get the hell out of our Chestnut St. apartment.

We went to the exterminator and bought things that we'll need to prevent this from ever happening again (including a powder that I can squirt into things like the electrical sockets).

Then, we did laundry. We went out and got mattress covers for our new mattresses and pillows at our new house. We did more laundry. And when we were done with the laundry we went to a laundry matt and used their super, crazy, hot dryer to make sure that every little one of those fuckers is dead.

In our house we have a folding table, four folding chairs (none of which were ever in our apartment) and new mattresses. That's it. That's all we'll have for a week. and in that week, everything that we own will either be thrown away or exterminated.

Wish us luck.

I am so thankful that we're moving. I COULD NOT live in that apartment for another minute. We still haven't seen any of the bugs. I haven't even seen evidence of them outside of the bites and the little bit of blood on our sheets. That said, I think that our infestation is really small. They are probably just getting to our apartment from another apartment.

While we were leaving yesterday we saw an exterminator coming in. I was like, "What are you here for?" And he sheepishly said, "I don't know. I think ants, maybe."

Ants, my ass.

And I'll tell you, that "luxury" building of condos that we paid through our noses for two years to live in... has sucked the life and so many thousands of dollars out of me.

I feel so bad for all of the residents.


  1. WOW.


    i can't believe they are not being upfront with the residents about this. RIDICULOUS. i'd sue.

  2. My mom really thinks that we should sue for everything. Also, there were fleas when we got there and that cost about a thousand dollars to get rid of. Further, they double charged us for bills that we paid because trying to fight seemed impossible. We kept showing them that we paid and they basically said that wasn't good enough. Also, we've been without a microwave since May (when they said that they ordered a new one that they've been waiting MONTHS to arrive) and our fire alarm went off for 6 months before someone came to change the battery. We must have called two dozen times. And if we could have changed it ourself we would have... but it was on the ceiling... which is about 30+ feet high.


    My mom was like, "you have a case! Contact a renter's rights group." But honestly, I am so focused on decontaminating the things that we're bringing... that I can't think about anything else.

  3. I am going to point you to the most amazing episode of This American Life ever produced. Play it out loud while you're packing. Its so good and your little friends are featured in one of the stories.


    I don't know what to say about the bugs. This is one of my worst fears as well. I'm battling dust mites with the same tenacity because I've been feeling very asthmatic lately.

    My first thought is... my fabric collection! NOooooo.

    If you listen to that episode, let me know if you enjoy it!

  4. Here is the direct link to the episode sound file:

  5. Hey Emily, I'm listening to that clip now. Several years back I was taking cymbalta to help my migraines. They found out that it was actually making me depressed. So, they rapidly withdrew me from it. One of the side effects were sleep paralysis (which they are talking about in the sound clip.) It was AWFUL. It only happened to me once... but I'll never forget it.