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Saturday, September 11, 2010

One of those days...

WARNING: this blog post is annoyingly full of complaints.

I forgot favorite things Friday and it was only my second week of trying to write it. Truthfully, I wasn't feeling particularly upbeat yesterday (though I did spent a nice chunk of time feeling great about the Whole Foods grocery store. But that's talk for a different paragraph.) I've just never been good at those bloggy "Favorites Friday," or "Wordless Wednesday..." type of things.

My week sort of hit me hard in the belly yesterday. Bunny has been having a tough time in school because she's a sensitive little bean and L had her five year well visit in Thursday. She got three shots (which she took like a brave little warrior). Shots have always been hard on Lila. Finally, last night she just burst into tears and said, "Mama. I just can't take myself. I am so confusing (Lila thinks that "confused" means "uncomfortable" and it's so cute that I can't bring myself to correct her) I am so cranky and I just feel like you don't love me." I was like, "that's the shots talkin' Lila." And then I internally beat myself up for not being able to make everything okay for my children all of the time. For a parent, I don't think that there is anything as helpless as not being able to help your child. Yesterday I was helpless all over the place.

Also, I got to the grocery store to do my shopping and realized that I had forgotten my wallet at home (I made this discovery while I was at the register with my OWN cart full of food). The cashier felt so sorry for me that he bought Bunny and Lila each a little chocolate to eat while we ran home for the money. I thought that was nice. Most people would be really irritated. Everything about Whole Foods is good (everything but the prices.)

I was running late to pick Bunny up from school and when I got the car I realized that the car key had fallen off of my key ring... somewhere.

A large glass of water sitting next to my bed fell on my phone and we didn't realize it for hours. So, my phone is out. It's actually sitting in a bag of rice, which my husband assures me will get the moisture out. And my phone may someday work again. Sadly, I may need to upgrade to the new iphone... which I totally hate. The thing about me is that I should NEVER own a phone made out of glass. I drop my phone at least twice a day. I also have two little children who like to use my phone and drop it.

Usually we have dinner out every other Friday. Last night Jay was working and I was feeling exhausted. Bunny has had an emotionally taxing week and she didn't want to go out, so we ordered Chinese Food. Because I didn't have a phone, I had to order it online. Then, I told the concierge to just let me know when it got here. I decided to wait in the lobby after about 20 minutes. Just when the food was showing up Lila had a terrible accident and peed all over herself and the floor and her socks and undies and dress. She was on her way, hurrying to the bathroom when it happened. Sometimes Lila waits till the last minute.

Something else happened... I'm forgetting now.

I'm off to make blueberry pancakes for the girls! May the following five days be better than the previous five days.

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