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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The inflatable ring on our kiddie pool flattened and let a bunch of water out.  I need to charge the air pump before blowing it up again.  

This is the warning on the label on the charger.

A.) They couldn't think of something non-cancer-causing to use in place of lead?  Really?

B.) I wonder how many times I've touched this?  Today was the first time that I read the warning label.  


  1. Did you know that almost every strand of otdoor lights will carry this warning? So does the water-wand that i bought to water my garden. Odd, I agree.

  2. ...which reminds me that I'd really like to get some outdoor lights.

    Hey, we're having a forth of July bbq. You guys are welcome to come. I know it's a long shot but I MISS YOU.

  3. ps.Am I wrong to feel worried by the fact that what waters the food involves a cancer causing ingredient?

  4. No need to worry. The state of California requires that warning, but you'd probably have to lick the paint off of 50,000 of those water wands for it to even matter.

    Remember when we were kids and Saccharin was the big, bad evil cancer-causing sweetener? Yeah - if you ate a bathtub full of it everyday, which was the equivalent of what those poor lab mice were given.

  5. Very true.

    It just made the hairs on my neck stand up a bit.