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Monday, May 14, 2012

kids can be so mean

My self esteem took a little dive today.  Lila came home from school with a heart that she wrote on.  She had to write something nice about her mom or caregiver.

Lila wrote about me.

This would have been a very sweet Mother's DAy gift had what she written not been a lie.  Lila said that she loves me because I always take her for a long walk on Saturday morning.  We have NEVER done this.  Lila actually hates going on walks.  Bunny enjoys them but Lila complains through the entire walk and usually fakes a sprained ankle in the hopes of being piggy backed home.

I asked her why she wrote that.

And she said that she couldn't think of anything nice about me so she had to make something up.

I don't know that I will ever recover from this.


  1. gaaaaaaaaaah.

    you know that kids just say what is on their minds, right then. she loves you, and you know it. you are super nice, and an AWESOME mom.

  2. You do many wonderful things with both girls. Lila could have commented on your visit to her classroom on Friday or making a cake with you on Sunday, just to mention a few. You are a great mom and the girls are lucky to have you. Perhaps a little chat with Lila will help get things sorted out. Love, Mom

  3. I talked to her about it and I even cried. She basically said that she was sorry that she hurt my feelings but not sorry about what she said. Still, she couldn't think of anything nice about me. It makes me really sad because I work very hard to be a good mom.

  4. Oh, Anna. I'm so sorry. You are so amazing and I hope Bunny knows that deep down.

  5. Oh Anna, I'm sorry. I had something similar when The Phi gave a loud groan and complained when we told her that I would take her on her field trip instead of her Dad.

  6. Yeh. I know that she didn't mean it, really. She's only six years old so it's very literal. She doesn't know how hard that I work to make her happy because she's only ever experienced one kind of love. She doesn't know to appreciate when I go above and beyond my normal limits for her. Someday she will and she will probably thank me. Maybe she'll pass the kind of mom that I am onto her own children some day and that will be thanks enough.

    Knowing this doesn't mean that my feelings were any less hurt, however.