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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Garden Update

There isn't much that I love more than a Saturday in the garden with my family.  Add an iced coffee to the day and I'm experiencing heaven.   I have such a hard time understanding why anyone would want to be inside when the sun is shining.  Given the choice, I'm always outdoors.

Despite losing a squash to the snails (Bunny captured and relocated 15 of them this morning), my little plants are growing strong and sturdy.  Only one garden is effected by the snails, the others seem snail free for the time being.

We made an interesting discovery.

In the front of our house we have a small tree with large leaves.  I never gave it a thought until I noticed two large green bulbs fruiting from it.  It turns out that this is a fig tree!

The fig tree only has two figs, but I've spent some time researching them and I'm excited about everything that I can make.  Homemade Newtons?

My roses and trees are all doing well, thought I need to do a bit more pruning of the rust.

I picked these today!

These are the survivors of our Holler Snail Invasion.  They have some holes, but are doing ok.  One was slimed this morning.

One is a squash plant and the others are jalapeño peppers.

I really hope that the jalapeños survive because I make a serious popper!
Awhile back my friend Siet sent me packs of seeds!

These are the California poppy babies that are finally making their way through the soil.  When they originally popped up I thought that they were weeds.  I called Siet and she told me that I should just let them be and to see what happened.  They've contented to develop, but not to spread the way weeds generally do... so I think that they are going to flower beautifully!

Hopefully the poppies do not just create a new shelter for those blasted snails.

 I can hardly believe it, but these are my squash babies.

It seems like just yesterday they were mounds of dirt packed with  8 skeptical dreams.

I struggle with how much I should water them.  If it's cool I have been watering every other day.  When it's hotter I water them each day.
My hardiest veggies so far are definitely these green peppers.

Fajitas, anyone?
And lastly, I'm excited about my cardinal climbers.

Someday these will be red and climbing up the side of our fancy new pergola.

Siet sent seeds for this pink, fuzzy potted plant but I haven't attempted to grow it because it's poisonous to pets and people.  I am letting the seeds germinate now and I'm going to plant it tomorrow and hang it high on my pergola!  They are supposed to be very pretty.

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