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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ugh... What a Night

Last night I had a tough time sleeping.  Mostly because I finished Mocking Jay and though it was tied up in a tidy little bow, I felt unsettled and emotionally exhausted from the journey.  Maybe I shouldn't have read those books so quickly?  Maybe I should have savored them.

I tried to start Charlene Harris's new book Deadlocked, but I wasn't ready to sink into it yet.

During the night I kept waking up, freaked out.  The dogs would bark and I'd wake up to see our motion lights flicked on.  Even though I know it was just the neighborhood cats, my heart still stops a little and I worry just the tiniest bit that there's a serial killer waiting in the shadows, waiting for his opportunity to come and and torture my family.

At one point I woke up because I heard gagging and opened my eyes only to make the most unpleasant discovery.  Pandora was puking on my pillow.  So, I took the pillow to the laundry room and saw that it was about 4 am.  When I got to the laundry room I discovered Sidney, peeing on the floor.  Seriously?

I woke up to find Lila sobbing.  She did not get the gift that she so badly wanted from the Tooth Fairy.  As a matter of fact, as she was going to sleep she asked the tooth fairy to bring her ANYTHING other than a pack of make-up.  Unfortunately, this opposes what she said when her tooth first showed signs of loosening and the tooth fairy brought her a little pack of lip glosses and eye shadows to play with.  She was so disappointed.  She cried and cried and cried.  Sometimes I feel like things never go Lila's way.  I decided to keep her home with me today.  We're going to make a cake and lay out in the sun and just enjoy a quiet mental health day together.


  1. Wow....that IS quite the night. Poor Lila. You're a good mama to know to keep her home for a mental health day. i wish more parents did this. :)

  2. Thanks! I was totally honest with her teacher about it too and she went all of her work home with Bun. No big deal! We had a nice day together too.