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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Weight Update- Week 5

I am on week 5 of my great weight loss challenge.

This week I was active, made exceptional food choices and started exercising greater portion control.  I worked.  I mean, I worked hard.  I got out there and I let myself work up a sweat in the sunshine.  Instead of getting a snack, I went hungry (I don't care what people say about snacking being  healthy and aiding weight loss.  That whole concept just doesn't work for me).

My only real digression was when I drank a bit of white wine last Friday night.  Honestly, I love wine. I miss wine.  I think having a bit of it once a week is reasonable and if it's the only cheat I'm having and aids my life in being enjoyable... it's really not the end of the world.

Today was my weigh in and I am sorta pleased to say that I am down 2 more lbs.  This brings my big, fat total to 10 lbs in 5 weeks.  I worked so hard that I was hoping for a bigger number.  I was hoping for and would have been happy to have a loss of five lbs.  But, I'm not 25 anymore, I guess.  I'm 35 and 5 pound losses don't happen in a seven day period for me anymore.  Sigh.

I will keep up the hard work this week and hope to report at LEAST another two pound loss next week.

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