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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Poor Parenting For The Sake of A Good Chuckle

I can not help myself.

My children are at the age when they are learning a lot of "big dog words" like, "peripheral" and "persevere" and "omnivore" and "ambitious."

Every so often they will come home and misuse words... even simple words and I can not bring myself to correct them.  As a matter of fact, I ask them to repeat themselves and hope that I can quickly get my phone to switch to record without them knowing so that I can immediately send a sound clip to Jay and replay it at a time when laughing out loud is more appropriate.

It's different than the way the say "pasketti" instead of "spaghetti," or "tooken" instead of "taken."  Sometimes, I know what they mean.  For instance, Lila told me that she was struggling because the "Lent fell out of her pencil."  I did not correct her.

And sometimes I have no idea what she's talking about.  Like, what did Lila mean when she said, "my conscience knows that you're wearing striped underwear?"  What word could she have been going for there?  Her 6th sense?  No, that can't be right!  Her perception?  No.  I have no idea!!  But I did not correct her.

I will let Lila's conscience predict everyone's underwear choices.  It's more entertaining that way.