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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another Day In The Yard (and the mystery tree unveiled)

I did A LOT of work outside today.  The weather here is gorgeous and I was able to trim our rose bushes without so much as breaking a sweat.

First things first.  If you have ever seen what a cucumber plant looks like when it first breaks through the soil, can you please tell me if that's what this is.  I see three little green somethings poking their heads through the dirt, but I can't tell if they're cuce's or weeds.

Can you see it?

After trimming my yellow rose bush I got a huge bundle of rosebuds.  I can't wait to see what this bouquet looks like after it opens.

The center pot is housing cabbage.  We didn't plant it in the ground because the instructions said that it needs to be started inside?  This didn't seem right to me, but we'll give it a shot.  Bunny is responsible for this.  She did all of the work and it's in her bedroom by the window.  I'm skeptical about growing it this way.  Bunny really wanted to grow carrots but the packet said that they'd need to be started in September.

Lila is growing these flowers.  They're lavender.  She also chose a lavender pot.

I've gone a little bit crazy today and planted one row of corn!  I just planted it in a sunny spot of dirt in my front yard that has been vacant but used to house a daisy patch that got a little bit out of control.  I can't imagine that they'll actually grow, but hey, you never know!  How amazing would it be to have corn growing in my front yard.  Let's see what happens.

This is my favorite tree.  It recently bloomed and is so tropical!  I have no idea what it is but the colors are out of this world bold.

And finally, my friend Mathew was right!  This is a PLUM tree!!!!!  The neighbor behind us said that some of them drop down into his yard and they eat them every year.  He said that they don't get that big, but they are juicy and delicious.  Also, he said that we have a second cherry tree back there.

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