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Monday, May 21, 2012

Mystery Tree

This is a picture of the unidentifiable tree that sits in my backyard growing something that may or may not become delicious.

The tree has been driving me nuts.  I honestly can not tell if it is actually two trees.  If you look closely you'll notice that the bottom of the tree splits.  The "fruit" (for lack of a better word) on one side of the split have remained green.  The fruit on the other side of the split are a deep red.  The green fruit are also rounder than the red fruit.

 The first time I blogged about this tree was on April 14th.  If you follow the link you'll see a much better picture of the tree as well as pictures of both kinds of fruit.  At the time, I mistakenly believed that this tree was our peach tree.  In the month since my initial post I have discovered my actually peach trees and they are working hard to make delicious, plump peaches that actually resemble peaches.  Not fruit that looks more like an olive than anything that is going to turn into a peach.

Here are the photographs that I took today of the fruit on my mystery tree"

If you look at the post I created back in April you'll notice that these really haven't grown at all.  

Could they be olives?  The leaves on this tree appear too large to be an olive, but my only gauge of this has been the pictures that I've seen online.  

 After a bit of research, I found that there is a red olive tree, but even in this picture you can see how much smaller and sleeker the leaves on that olive tree appear to be.
Maybe they are the Kalmata Olive?  Or, are the red olive and the Kalmata olive one in the same?  Goodness, gracious!  My head is swimming.  That said, I do not think that these are plums.  

I just want to know a.) what are they?  and b.) can I pickle them?

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