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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weight Update- Week Six

I worked extra hard this week.  I think that I've adequately expressed my sour attitude about the slow and at times nonexistent progress that I've been making in terms of my weight.

My strategy until now has just been eating low carb with lots of veggies. This type of diet never makes me feel deprived, always keeps me full and has given me excellent result in the past.  Let's face it, flour and sugar are just awful for our bodies as it is, so it makes sense that eliminating them would instigate quick results.

Not so much this time for me, unfortunately.

So, this week I took it one step further.  This week I also began counting and restricting calories.  I started measuring the amount of cream that I use in my coffee because it really adds up.  I can't use a lower calorie option because they all have too much sugar. I've also started measuring my other food and monitoring portion control, which is always a problem for me.  I am completely guilty of doing things like sampling as I cook and not counting it.  Or, finishing something on my daughter's plate and not counting it.

It all worked out because this week I lost 4 pounds!!!!!!!!!!  Thank God, I have found the answer!  This brings my total to 14 lbs in 6 weeks.

This couldn't have come at a better time because I woke up feeling like a pudge ball.

I've been thinking about seeing some sort of therapist about my weight.  It seems like I am constantly gaining and losing the same lbs over and over and over.  I yo-yo continuously and I'd really like to stop.  I know that I use food to comfort and cope, which isn't a healthy attitude.  And when I'm not treating it like it's my friend, I'm definitely treating it like it's my enemy.  Food is never just something to eat with me.  There's something wrong with me, I swear.


  1. You are doing great! When I started dieting back in February I refused to buy a scale. I knew that those numbers would control me and had the potential to discourage me. I figured when my pants fall off then I had lost some weight. If I am at my parents house I use their scale so I guess I am weighing in here and there. My pants are not on the floor yet, but I can tell they are getting there!

  2. I have tried not using a scale before because I think that scales can be dangerous when not used correctly. I find that any more than a weigh in once a week can turn into unhealthy obsession. So I only weigh myself on Thursday morning. I like scales because I find that it's easy for me to fall off of the wagon and fool myself into thinking I'm doing better or worse than I'm doing when I don't have a way of monitoring my weight. Honestly, I've lost 14 lbs but haven't noticed that much difference in my clothing. If I weren't weighing myself I likely would have become discouraged and given up by now. I like to know the facts and I can see the different choices that I make reflected in the number.

  3. Good for you on your weight loss!

    I highly recommend going to a food therapist - not just any therapist but one that specializes in what you're dealing with. Going to therapy in general was one of the best decision I made for my mental health (as well as meds), but starting to see a therapist that specializes in eating disorders has been huge for me.

    Here's mine - I know we're on the other side of the country, but she has some really great resources on her site:


  4. Thanks Erika. I think that you're right. I'll check yours out. Maybe there will be a referral for the bay area. You never know.

  5. This is the website that I found my therapist on:


    I plugged in San Fran for you. :)