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Saturday, May 12, 2012


IMG_1882 a video by mamahollerz on Flickr.

On Thursday afternoon Jay and I went into Lila's first grade class to make Ooblek with the kids.  I read them the story of Bartholomew and the Ooblek by Dr. Seuss and each child made their own bowl of Oobleck to play with while I read.  It was super fun and I think that the kid had a great time!

Bunny is in second grade and didn't get to participate in the activity, which doesn't suit her at all.  Bunny is the sort of person who wants to be involved in everything all of time and if she misses anything at all she feels like something incredible must have happened in her absence and her life will be forever slighted and just a sliver incomplete.  

So, this morning I put the girls in swimsuits and lined my table with wax paper and let the girls go to town!

Check them out!

And please, don't mind Lila Holler's crazed threat to "kill herself."  Sigh.  Hitting "record," is synonymous with hitting the "push mama's buttons by saying completely inappropriate things and trying on every cuss word under the sun to see what happens," option.  It's just the cross I bear, I'm afraid.  

Making this is easy and if you do it outside it cleans up with a bit of water but entertains your kids FOREVER!  I highly recommend it for bored children having a lazy day at home.  

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