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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weight Update #2

This week wasn't quite as productive for me.

It was a very busy and stressful week, which is a clear danger zone for me.

Mid-week I began to feel myself slipping.  No huge back peddling, but my busy schedule made me tired and disinterested in exercise and I felt myself eating more than I have been.

Also, I read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, which made me somewhat more stationary, where previously I had been gardening more in my free time.

That said, I weighed in 1 lb less than I did last week, which puts me at a total of 9 lbs lost in 3 weeks.  It's not perfect, but I'll take it.

I am going to work harder this week.  I'm going to exercise more and eat smaller portions and no snacks.

I look forward to seeing my weight loss go into double digest next week.  It will be my one month mark and I think that losing 10 pounds in one month is entirely honorable.  Keeping this up will have me at my goal weight in just a few months!


  1. Thats great Anna. Keep up the good work. You can do it.

  2. Thanks Sasha! It's tougher than it's ever been for me but I'm incredibly determined. I have been generally so much healthier since moving to California.