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Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Garden Babies and Lots of Growing Going On!

I planted a few new things today.  I gave up on my watermelon bumps and the cucumbers that I was trying to grow from seeds and planted acorn squash and zucchini in their place.  I left the garlic because I still hold hope that despite it's unchanged appearance, it will eventually sprout.

Instead of planting in the terrible garden soil that I used to not-grow my failed watermelons, I used compost.  

When I look back on previous posts about my garden, I can't believe how big everything has gotten!  I am so glad that I've been blogging about this journey because it's fun to be able to look back on pictures of how tiny everything was a month ago.  It's especially awesome to see the pictures of my seed baby summer squash because it has become gigantic!

Okay, so far here's what we've got:

Four summer squash plants
One zucchini plant
Two jalapeno pepper plants
Two green pepper plants
Two yellow pepper plants
Two cucumber plants
Six garlic plants
Three watermelon plants
Three beef steak tomato plants
One row of corn
Three cabbage plants (though, no sooner did we put the cabbage in Bunny's window that Sherbert knocked it over.  The seeds were so small that we couldn't tell if they'd been disrupted.  I'll give it three weeks and then it becomes a lettuce bowl.)

When you factor in these veggies and all of our fruit trees, I feel like we could probably survive 2012 (but only if the world in ends in, like, September).  We could DEFINITELY survive a gas drought (Also, only if it happens in September).

Check out my summer squash.  One of my plants already has three nicely sized squash babies on it.  I had to trim it back yesterday because it was overpowering my pepper plants.  They are tiny in comparison. These are in my left, front garden bed.

These are an assortment of peppers.  I honestly can't remember who is who here!  See how tiny they are when compared to my gigantic squash plant!  Though the do seem small, they've grown so much since the day I brought them home.  They are also in my left, front garden bed.

Look, I got tomato cages!

Now that I have staked the tomatoes and caged them, am I supposed to retie them to the stake at some point?  Does it ever need an adjustment?  These are also in my left, front garden bed.

My peppers are doing really well.  They are green and yellow.  There is also something that I am not responsible for planting sprouting up in the middle.  I left some soil that already existed in this whisky barrel underneath the soil that I used to plant these peppers.  And it appears that something has come to life.  It looks a lot like the tiger lilies that sprout up and around my house.
It doesn't seem to be adversely affecting my peppers, so I don't think I need to pull it.  I'm sort of curious to see what happens!

This is a close up of my pepper plant.  So many flowers!

These are located in a whisky barrel in my backyard.

These are my cardinal climbers!  Not a vegetable, but I've grown them from seeds.  Bunny crashed her scooter into their original pot and broke it.  Since re-potting them, they've grown so much.  It's a smaller pot so it doesn't make much sense to me.  Someday they'll be long vines with red flowers that climb up my pergola!  They are located in my backyard, placed next to the pergola and at the front of my watermelon patch.

The very poisonous mimosa plant.  I can't wait to see how it responds to touch!  It's also not a vegetable, but I've grown them from seeds.  You can't really see them in this picture, but I assure you, they're there.  They are still pretty small though.  I don't have a place for this basket either.  I move it all the time, though it's generally kept up high and out of reach of the kids and the pets.

These are three acorn squash and a zucchini plant.  Does anyone know if I need to stake my acorn squash plants?

I have this really delicious acorn squash recipe that I used to make when I  did a small stint on a vegan diet.  It was acorn squash, halved and stuffed with wild rice and mushrooms, soaked in curried coconut milk.  It was SO GOOD.

Another acorn squash plant!

All of my acorn squash is located in my front, right garden area.

And last, but certainly not least, my last little watermelon baby.  They did not grow in my first location.  They may not grow in my second location, but here is a small spot that gets a lot of sun and hopefully, my watermelon will grow!  Keep your fingers crossed!
This is located in the front of my house, near our front door.

I'm not taking pictures of my corn.  I planted them yesterday so nothing has happened.  I'll let you know if they make an appearance at some point!

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  1. Just an FYI, but my garlic took about three weeks to sprout.