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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weight Update 1 Month

I did really well this week.  Last Friday I indulged in a few skinny girl margaritas, but other than this transgression, I have eaten well and moved a lot.

I am also deep in the throws of a terrible and heavy period (sorry, if that's tmi) which is hopefully why when I got on the scale for weigh day today I was up one pound.

And now I feel like crying.

How can I be working so hard and GAINING weight.

The potential culprits:

1.) My period.

2.) Jay bought diet pepsi at the grocery store.  I normally don't drink much soda.  Occasionally I'd get a diet soda if we're eating out, but otherwise it's not something that we normally have in our house.  Because I'm not eating sugar, the sweetness of the soda tastes really satisfying and I've been drinking them up.

3.)  Iced coffees.  Lots of em.  Milk has too much sugar, so I've been drinking them with half and half.  No sweetener, but I've been making them pretty light.  Now that I've given up wine, iced coffee is the one delicious treat that I have in my life.  I guess I'll replace them with water and see what happens.

Other than these three things, I am doing everything right.

I feel so discouraged.

Why does this have to be so hard?


  1. Please don't get discouraged! You're making great changes!

    Soda could definitely be the culprit. Or your period. And the coffee. But one shouldn't feel deprived.

    The thing I try to keep in mind with weight loss is that our bodies don't know to show the results of all of our efforts at a certain time when we step on the scale. Sometimes, our bodies are stubborn and hold on to weight. And then all of a sudden, we'll have a big loss. I know that 2 weeks out of a month (when I'm on WW), I will either remain the same or have a small gain. The other two weeks will be a small loss, and a big loss. So I try to keep track of my patterns, and look at the big picture.

    But don't give up on being healthy. :)

  2. I'm not going to give up. I'm out of choices and options. I feel like this is it for me and I have no choice but to stick to it. I'm just really frustrated. It stinks to have worked so hard and then see the number on the scale go up. I think about all the wine I didn't drink. All the chocolate that I didn't eat. All of the fresh baked bread that I did not enjoy... and yet I STILL gained weight. I'm pretty much living on lean protein and steamed green vegetables.

    I am mad at my body.

  3. I feel your pain. My weight and food are the bane of my existence right now.

    Much love and hugs to you, my friend. :)

  4. Thanks Erika. I know that you were considering blogging about your own weight loss efforts in your MFA blog and I have checked in a few times in hopes that you would. I wish that I could find some sort of online community that offered support, but I am usually lost in those huge forums for conversation (which is what seems to be out there mainly).