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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Look at these delicious and ripe cherries!  After seeing a several cherries with little bird bites taken out of them, Bunny and Lila became brave enough to try one.  I guess the girls decided that if the cherries were good enough for the birds, they were good enough for them too.  Coincidentally, this is also how I knew that the oranges were finally sweet.  I noticed that our squirrels were fatter and the peels on our ground had multiplied by three.  

These cherries are sweet, plump and plentiful!   I wonder what I can do with them (other than eat them raw).  I'd really like to learn to make preserves this summer and to can and dehydrate some of our fruit and add it to homemade granola for winter snacking!   

But I'm getting ahead of myself!  By the time that midsummer approaches, I won't have to buy any fruit at the grocery store!  

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