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Saturday, May 26, 2012

My First Probable Garden Folly

I have two garden beds.  One is on the left of my house and one is on the right.  It was 8 days ago that I went out and bought something called "garden soil," came home and spread it over half of the right garden bed.  I planted garlic and watermelon in it and then a few days later I planted cucumber seeds.

Nothing has popped up.

So I dug into it to see what state things were in (I wouldn't normally do this but my friend Siet assured me that it was ok).

The garlic appeared to be exactly the same as it was the day I planted it.  Honestly, it didn't even seem dirty.  None of the seeds are doing anything interesting either.  They just appear to be exactly the same as they were they day I planted them.

Am I being too impatient, or should I dig them up, till the soil and plant something new?  Maybe something that's not a seedling and is already established to a point?

I wish that I had used compost, or just the dirt in my garden bed.  My little squash and california poppies are doing just fine and they were planted in the dry, dirt that has been sitting there for god-knows-how-long.

What should I do?

On the bright side!  My left garden bed is THRIVING!  I am so excited to tell you that the babies are here!

Baby Tomatoes!

Baby Peppers

Baby Squash

This is the squash that I grew from seeds in my right garden bed. It's doing great and is growing big and strong.

And here are my california poppies.  They were planned poorly.  When I planted the seeds it seemed like they were so far away from the squash.  I had no idea how big squash plants grow to be.  So my poppies are being swallowed by the squash.  And don't they look like parsley or something that's edible?  Where are the flowers?

This is the empty half of my right garden bed.  What to do?  What to do? I think that I'll give it two more weeks and if nothing happens I'll dig it up and plant something new.  Maybe strawberries?  I'm just scared that if I go into June without planting that I will have waited too long.

And hey!  Check out this crazy little arm stretching out from one of my squash plants!  I love it?

Does anyone know if it's too late to try to grow pumpkins?  I think that I'd like to grow our own pumpkins this year!  Seems like a fun project for the kids!  This might be a good space to do that (though I seriously want watermelon).

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