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Friday, May 11, 2012

Fun With Roses

My girls love participating in science experiments that require an investment of their time.  Making a volcanic eruption in 30 seconds isn't nearly as much fun as watching an egg shell become translucent over a period of 48 hours.  

This week we used food color to create a multi-colored rose.  It was fun to see what part of the rose began turning first and watching the progression of color.  Because we have so many roses here, we didn't even need to run out and buy one.  We just snipped one from the backyard.

Start with a white rose.

Split the stem.

Add a few drops of food coloring to your jars of water and dip each section of the stem into a jar. 

I wish that the stem on my rose was a little bit thicker.  Also, I'd like to pick up a few of those little water feeders that florists attach to individual flowers.  

I'd really like to make rainbow roses with my girls some time.  They'd also be a fun favor for a children's birthday party.

Check in on your rose in about 12 hours.

It's a crowd pleaser!  


  1. This is so cool! I'm gonna try this with my kids!

    1. Erika! I saw that you pinned this. I feel so flattered!!!! Pinning is the ultimate compliment in my books! Thank you!!!!

  2. That's so fun. By the way, Lila looks like a Blythe doll. She's so gorgeous!

  3. Oh My God! You're totally right!!!!!!! It's those giant eyes of hers. She's got Christina Ricci syndrome. lol.