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Monday, June 11, 2012


You'd think that if I were to get homesick, it would be for one of my many east coast homes, but it's not.  Every summer Jay and I go out to Denver to visit with my friends, who are really more like family to me at this point.

Because we are going to my friend Mathew's wedding in November and then back out to Denver for Christmas, we decided not to try to plan a visit this summer.  At the  moment we're paying off some debts while simultaneously saving to buy a California house of our own, which makes things just a little bit tight around here.  Two trips in a year is pretty much all we can do.

But I'm really missing my friends so much.  I keep finding myself choked up by how lonely I am for them.   Friendships like these take decades to form.  I have been friends with Siet since I was 11 and next year will mark 20 years since I met Mathew.  Their spouses are all so similar to Jay and when we visit everyone has so much fun and there are so many people who come together.  It's just food and music and adventures and long, long, long conversations that twist into new conversations and the kind of laughter that could make you pee your pants if you're not careful.  It's like one giant, never-ending dinner party.  I never feel as loved as I do when we're in Denver.


I am homesick.


  1. We miss you, too! But it will be that much sweeter when you do get here.

    We're going to have so much fun with Christmas dinner!

  2. know!!!!! Just to warn you, I start buying gifts in September. We are going to rent a car to avoid putting miles on our minivan. Jay had the trip approved through work and it looks like we'll leave on December 23rd, get there on the 24th and leave on the 26th.

    With us will be two nervous children who suspect that Santa may not find us in Denver, two dogs (if that's ok. I would be very nervous to put Sidney in a kennel with her blindness but I could probably find someone to watch Groovy James or kennel him) and loads and loads and loads of fudge and cookies.

    We are going to heave a great, great, great time.