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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adventures in Zucchini - Challenge 2


I'm trying to use a lot of round zucchini in creative ways.  We are eating it steamed and grilled for dinner every night, but I need ways to incorporate it into our diets in other ways.  No zucchini will go to waste.  Mark my words.  

I served this fried zucchini up with homemade pink sauce.  


  1. I know this isn't particularly creative, but my favorite use for any kind of squash is spaghetti sauce. I love to start sauce early in the day, and let it cook for hours and hours on very low heat. About an hour before dinner I'll chop up cubes of squash and add them to the sauce.

    Mathew found a recipe recently that was...interesting. The zucchini are carefully cut on the bottom so they sit level, and then the tops are sliced off, they're hollowed out and filled with quiche batter and baked, using the zucchini as the crust. This requires rather large fruit to pull off in the best manner possible, but it's an amazing presentation.

    Another way we cook them is to slice them in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds and flesh into a bowl. Add a choppped tomato, some crumbled bacon (or not), salt & pepper, parmesan cheese, bread crumbs and chopped onion. Mix this all up and stuff the zucchini with it and then wrap them in foil and grill them. It's delicious.

    By the way, I love fried squash, and yours looks particularly tasty.

  2. I was thinking about making a squash bowl for tomato soup! I have a few big'uns out there that will be ready to be hollowed tomorrow.

    I also love making day long sauce (we did this together last summer)! I often do the same thing with broccoli that you do with squash. I also throw in a stick of butter and a half cup of heavy cream... lol. Healthy.

    Hey, we need to discuss our Christmas menu!

  3. I don't ever put cream in tomato sauce! It ruins the tomatoes (for me). I generally don't eat anything dairy except cheese and yogurt. I use butter for cooking, but barely any - I prefer olive oil with just a dab of butter to increase the flash point when sauteing.

  4. You eat like Lila. No meat, lots of veggies and barely any dairy. You couldn't pay her to eat cheese, but she'll devour a bowl of broccoli.

    I sincerely feel that adding cream and/or butter to everything makes it at least 100X better tasting. If you ever hear me say otherwise, wink because you know I'm lying through my teeth. :)