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Monday, June 4, 2012

A few days off

My life has been taken hostage by a nasty cold.

I'm on the up and up now but have suffered for almost a week.  For this reason, I don't have much to write.  Really, I haven't done anything but lay around feeling sick in days.  Two of my pumpkins have poked through the soil and my corn is also coming up, but I haven't really even been able to weed or give love to my plants.  One night I even had to ask Jay to go out and water for me because I felt so dizzy and feverish.

This is Bunny and Lila's last week of school, which is very busy for me.  Tomorrow is Bunny's second grade play (which she is crazily excited about) and because I've taken on room parent responsibilities for her class, I'm hosting the second grade ice cream sundae party with another mom on Wednesday afternoon.  The girls and I are making chocolate fudge with pretzels and peanut butter fudge drizzled on top for their teacher gifts and I'm making watermelon cupcakes for the end of the year carnival on Friday.

Lots of fun crafting on the horizon.

But for now, I've got nothin'.

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