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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Garden Update-just about 9 weeks in the making

I am so proud of my little garden, though I worry about what the neighbors must think!  Hopefully people know that I am growing vegetables and not giant weeds.  Because a lot of my backyard is stone and roses, much of my growing takes place in the front yard.  As far as my peppermint patch reformation, the watermelon and especially the cucumbers look a little bit peeked.  I'm running out to buy them a healthy dose of plant food in a bit!  Hopefully they are just low on nutrients and I can supplement with a plant vitamin of some sort. 

Here's my progress at 9 weeks!

This is where I grow my tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, yellow bell peppers and crookneck squash.
This tomato plant needs a new cage.  It's become a little bit unruly.  That said, it has more tomatoes than my other plants and I'm excited for them to grow!
This is the inside of my crookneck squash plant.  In the past day or two I have seen many squash ripen.  Looks like dinner to me!
These jalapenos are plentiful and nearly ripe!
At what point will my peppers turn yellow?  One of them is already quite large!
 I had to stake this pepper plant.  It is pretty small and has around 6 big peppers on it.
Giant crookneck squash plant.  For as huge as this is, I have clipped it back about three times.  It doesn't have vines.  So though it is taller and more massive than my other squash, the plants with vines looks crazier because they stretch out across my entire yard!  
These are plants that I have put in containers or in single garden spaces throughout my yard.

Sadly, I have never discussed this flower.  When we moved here this was just dead sticks.  There was practically no green on it at all, but there was ONE little white flower at the end of what appeared to be a dead stick.  I had several plants that looked dead and plucked most of them out, but I really wanted to see if I could bring this one back.  I wish that I had kept a photo journal of its progress because it is doing beautifully.
 Here is an acorn squash that I think it doing very well.  I hope to eat the squash it produces on Thanksgiving!
 This mimosa was doing well but I worry that it needs some help these days.
 My cardinal climbers are really thriving and growing now.
The cardinal climbers has started its assent to the top of my pergola!  I can't wait until it blossoms and blooms!  It's going to be so beautiful.
 These peppers are being grown in a whisky barrel
And this is the whisky barrel.  I am just starting to see some nice, big peppers forming.
 My pumpkins are what impress me most.  Though, this is the only seed that I planted that actually took and grew, it is doing quite well and I am so excited to have our own pumpkins this year.  Hopefully it will create at least four pumpkins so that we can all pick one!
This is the best watermelon that I've got, which totally stinks because I ran it over with my garden hose yesterday.  Hopefully it is well established enough to survive the trauma.  

This is the home to a whole bunch of things with no room to grow!  Yikes!  I overdid this bed and before long it will just be a mess of green.  I can't bring myself to pluck anything out, so we'll just see how it goes.
 Two of my garlic plants have finally sprung through the ground.  Just when I gave up on them, they appeared!
 Here we have three acorn squash and one zucchini.  All are thriving.
 My california poppies are fighters!  They are doing well dispute being taken over my squash.
Inside a summer squash plant.
 Huge round zucchini that is ready to eat!


I have to admit, it's looking good!!!  Bunny's corn has grown quite a bit this week!
This is in desperate need of help.  It really deserves its own post, which I will write at a later time.  Let me give it a bit of food and take a few days to see what happens.  :(


  1. The stuff I am growing in compost is not doing well, either. I think the roots are having a hard time penetrating the dense material of the compost; it retains far too much moisture; it has little to no mineral content.

    I've decided that growing in bagged compost without actual soil is just a bad idea, and I won't be doing it again. Lesson learned. :)

  2. This is great - What Kind of Tomato Grower Are You?


  3. I will check that out.

    I got miracle grow and sprayed it on the cucumbers and watermelon. They look horrible I freed them from their bags on the top and sides (but could not pull the plastic out from underneath them). Do you think it would help to dig up some soil and try to mix it in with the plants somehow? Or would I just kill them?

  4. Mathew, I just took that quiz. Somewhat humorously, my result was "the hippie." How about you?

  5. I'm somewhere in between "the gardener" and "the architect".

    You're best off just letting the cukes and watermelon grow as best they can. Not a promising prospect, but what you've suggested will probably do more harm than good at this point. ):