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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Garden Growth- 2 months

I started planting in my garden 2 months ago, the same week that I started my weight loss plan.  Since, I've fallen in love with the process of gardening.  Pruning the mature shrubs and rose bushes, weeding and tending to my green babies has been a source of pleasure, progress and exercise.  I really hate working out, but I don't mind spending two hours outside with a  pair of sheers and a glass of ice water.  I find the experience of nurturing a garden healthy physically, mentally and emotionally for me.

Here's where I'm at!  I'm completely done with planting and now I'm just going to see what happens with what is there.

 This is my left garden bed.  It is home to three tomato plants, three assorted pepper plants and one gigantic crook neck squash plant.
Bunny's corn is getting established quickly.
It's really difficult to get pictures of the tomatoes because they're still pretty small and green, but they're in there.
Finally my jalape├▒os are growing!  I can't wait to turn these into poppers.
 Monster green peppers.
 My crazy squash plant.  This thing is a MONSTER.  I constantly have to trim it back so that it doesn't overpower my peppers.  We are able to eat A LOT of squash in our house.
 This is what it looks like from above.  Even the snails can't get it now!
This is my right garden bed.   I grew the summer squash and california poppies from the seeds that my friend Siet sent me.  Then I tried and failed to grow watermelon, cucumbers and garlic.  So I planted zucchini and acorn squash instead.

 These are my acorn squash and zucchini.  They are looking good!
 My poor california poppies are being swallowed.  I try to trim the squash back, but it seems to be no use.

This is my first garden and I planned it poorly.  I just had no idea how large squash plants get and I have horrible spacial perception.
 These will be cucumbers.  I thought that I picked all of the cucumber seeds out, but apparently I missed a few!
 Mixed squash plants!  I need to put up before/after pictures of these because their growth over the past month has been tremendous.
 Vines and veggie babies.
Round zucchini

Squash flowers that I'm going to stuff with ricotta and bake!

I am afraid that these aren't as green as they should be.  Same with my watermelon.  I'm not sure.
 Whisky barrel peppers
 My first baby pepper.
Cabbage.  Sidney knocked this over and it all fell out.  A few little cabbages survived. I'm not sure what will happen.
Pumpkins.  Only two of six seeds came up.  That's okay.  Two pumpkin plants should produce plenty of pumpkins for my girls to carve!
Mimosas.  I need to video them responding to our touch.
 Cardinal Climbers
Sidney Holler


  1. Love the picture of Sidney at the end. She has shown the least amount of growth.

  2. I feel so sorry for her. Last night when we were up watching the movie we had the lights down and she was on the couch. She just growled ferociously every time someone moved. I think that she is really scared when she can't see. When it's full sunlight she is fine, but her mood drastically changes when the lights dim. It seems like I'm the only one she recognizes and doesn't see as a threat.

  3. Anna, I am so proud of you! Your first garden reminds me a lot of my first garden. Each year you'll be able to try new things, new places and arrangements and you'll get better and better at the planning with more experience under your belt.

    Squash really are monster plants - a friend of mine had squash last year that had vines over 50 feet long, leaves that were 18 inches across and that stood three feet off the ground.

    I can't wait to buy a house and garden every inch of the yard.

  4. You know, my vines are not 50 feet, but I'll bet that monster squash plant is nearing 3 feet with 18 inch leaves. I will measure later today and let you know.

    I can't wait to visit your new yard. I'm so sad not to head to Denver this summer. Our yearly meet ups are a necessity for my mental and emotional state, it seems. :(

  5. Ohh your post reminded me of the best meal I ever had. Squash flower enchiladas. Divine!