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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

4th of July BBQ

We haven't had any parties or done much socially since we moved to California.  Truth be told, I think our family has just been exhausted.  I mean, in the past year we've lived in three different homes in three different states and our move to California happened quickly, was stressful and because of school, we didn't have time to catch our breath and settle in.  I can barely believe that we moved here almost six month ago.

But in the past six months two of Jay's good friends have gotten jobs with him at Twitter and have moved to California with their families.  So, instead of making new friends, I am pretty certain that my husband is just hellbent on moving all of his old friends here.

We have decided to host a 4th of July bbq.  There's little more that I love than planning a party- specifically the food for a party. There will be a couple of people here who are vegan, so I am excited about the challenge of offering lots of great vegan options as well as a schmorgesborg for the carnivores.

Here's what we're making!

vegan nachos with vegan cheese (that my friend Amber taught me to make) and all the fix in's.
veggies and humus and dip
marinated portabella mushroom burgers
veggie burgers
hot dogs
vegan pasta salad
baked bean casserole (covered in bacon and hot sauce)
fruit skewers
a porcupine watermelon
and maybe some cupcakes and cookies!
And then I think that I'm going to do these little limecello sorbet cups, both red and white sangria and beer!

There are fireworks that happen around a mile from our house and we think that we might be able to see them from the backyard!  I really hope so.

You know, I seriously love holidays.  I am just made so happy by celebrations and parties.  They really light a fire in me!


  1. I really wish that Denver had worked out. I am so happy for you because you're happy and Jay has a great job - but I can't deny that I'm a teensy bit sad (for entirely selfish reasons) that it happened in California instead of Colorado. Matthew and I have talked about relocating before because Intuit is in the S.F. area (Mountain View) but I'm very resistant to the entire west coast because of the Ring of Fire and subsequent earthquakes and further north, volcanoes. LOL. It's funny, but I'm truly terrified. I'd be paranoid every single day. When I was very young I used to have a recurring nightmare about the ground opening up and swallowing me, and I knew it was going to happen - I just had to take another step and even though I knew, I was compelled to do it anyway.

    Your menu looks great! Have you ever grilled nectarines before? They have to be very firm, since you have to be able to twist the pit out without mashing them, but they're so good when cut in half and grilled.

    Happy Fourth of July! I'll be there in spirit!

  2. I have also heard that watermelon is delicious on the grill.

    Maybe Denver will work out someday, Mathew. I would move there. It's the only other place I'd consider going. Until that day, we have two trips to see you this year and I'm so grateful for that. I miss you always and I seriously cherish the time that we have together!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Anna -

    A super easy and yummy desert for the kids that they love is rice crispy treats. I have been cutting them and putting them on lolipop sticks and covering the top half in dark chocolate. For the holidays I get holiday colored sprinkles (red white and blue for 4th) and put them on the top of the melted chocolate. So good and festive!

  4. That is such a great idea!!!!!

    I am all over it! :)

  5. Check out this great blog I ran into the other day...so cute!

    Also, when you are making the rice crispies, take your time and make the rice crispy treats and put them into the fridge until they are cool and hardened a little. When they are good and cool, add the melted chocolate and sprinkles and then put everything back in the fridge until you need them. I usually just put them on a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

    Have a great 4th!

  6. http://www.munchkinmunchies.com/

    Forgot the link...doh!

  7. That is such a cute website Shannon!!! Lots of great ideas. How have you guys been?