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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I don't know that I had ever been to a drive-in before last night.  If I had, it was probably in the late 70's.  Chances are that they've changed since then.

It's no surprise that the awesome town we live in (that has pretty much everything, also ) has a big drive-in movie theater.  I pass it every time I go to Lowe's, which is about as often as I brush my teeth these days.  I've always been curious about it.

A few days ago I decided to check it out online and was super-excited to see that on Tuesday night I could take my kids there and pay a grand total of $7 for a movie.  Adults are $5 and kids are $1.  The thing about me is that for $7 I will buy pretty much anything.  I will buy pants in a size 2.  I will buy a gift certificate for body builders protein powder.  I will buy a maternity belt if it is made from the sort of material that I could just poke holes in to adjust.  I will buy a book about travel inside the walls of the Vatican.  I will buy Groovy-James snow boots and an Eskimo coat.  My point, even when I have no use for it, I can not resist a good deal!

Truth be told, I had no idea what the drive in would be like.  All I knew what that they were playing Madagascar 3 at 8:55 pm and that when I mentioned it to my kids they flew over the moon with joy.

So, we got there are around 8:40, just before sundown.  There was a quick moving line of cars at the gate and I didn't even need to get out of my car to pay.  When paying I told the woman that I'd never been there before and she explained where to go for Madagascar and when radio station to put on in my car to hear the movie.  She said that I should turn the engine off and that if the car dies they have complimentary jumps.  Thankfully, my car didn't die.

When we got to our spot we noticed a playground near a concession building.   The girls and I decided to walk over and check things out.  Though we brought snacks, there is just nothing better than movie theater popcorn.  I was blown away by the amazing prices.  I got the kids a huge drink and gigantic popcorn in a collectors bucket for $10.  So, my total spent is $17.  As a point of reference, when I took the kids to see Beauty and the Beast it was about $80 (and maybe more) with snacks.

A little trivia:  did you know that the #1 place that people in the suburbs pick up bed bugs is at the movie theater?

I'll just let you think about that for a second.

So, we turned on the radio in our car without putting the engine on, tuned in and as the sun sank the movie began.  Our sound was excellent and I loved the fact that I could turn it up or down.  The girls  brought pillows and blankets and loved the trill of sitting on the hood of the car with their popcorn and watching a movie.  When it got a little bit later they curled up in the car.  We didn't get home until nearly 11, which is an insanely late night for us, but it was well worth it.

All in all, we had a great time and I can't wait to do it again!


  1. We have a few drive-in's near us. With Lou being still too young for the theater (we tried it recently and it did not go well) the drive-in is the only place we can see a new movie. We pick up a pizza and snacks and always have a good time.

  2. It's the BEST!

    I don't think that drive-ins are as common place on the east coast. Just one more thing that makes California so much more awesome. :)

  3. I remember going to a drive-in when I was a kid in Rhode Island. There's one up here near us, but it's about a 45 min. drive away. I'm not really one to like going to things like that, but I bet my kids would get a kick out of it.