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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Growth Hormone Fairy Has Been Visiting My Yard

 We grew this (both the child AND the squash)!

It fell off of the vine today and we're going to eat it tomorrow night.  Jay had to work this evening, so we're waiting for him (that way if it's poisonous and we all die, we'll do it as a family). It's our first, official, homegrown food.
 My pumpkins poked through the soil!
Bunny's corn has sprouted!

 Groovy-James and Sidney are still stalkers.
And my cardinal creepers are creeping (maybe Groovy-James and Sidney have been taking lessons).


  1. All going as a family - that's a good approach. :)

    Girly sometimes wants me to taste certain foods in case they're poisonous. What the???

  2. hahaha... I actually think about this often. I opened paper towels yesterday that had a mark on the top and thought, "I hope that's not skin eating acid," and wiped my hands with a grimace. hahahha...

  3. "(that way if it's poisonous and we all die, we'll do it as a family)." HAHAHAHA