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Friday, June 29, 2012

Dog Sitting

This is Dancer.  He's a tall, skinny, one year old chihauhua that Groovy-James' foster mom rescued.  I am helping her out by pup-sitting while her family is on vacation in Montana.  We picked him up this morning and he's just as sweet as candy.  I think that if he were my dog I would name him Harrison Ford. Somehow it seems to suit him, if this is an indicator to his personality.  Groovy-James was excited to meet him but Sidney sort of looked at me sideways and was like, "really? Again!"  

My only concern about Dancer is that he'll sneak out of my yard somehow.  We have everything pretty blocked off, but he's so small.  He's around the same height as Groovy-James but is easily five pounds lighter.  His head alone has to be two pounds lighter.  hahah...

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