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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation Photo of the Day Update #10

What an excellent day.

I was really dreading meeting with my mom's trainer today but it ended up being a great experience.  I went into the gym at 11 and worked out with the weights for a half an hour.  Then, I met with the trainer for another hour and a half and she helped me correct a few of the things that I've been doing.

I am considering joining a gym when I go home.  I've just really been enjoying going each day.  A couple of days ago I knew that I had to go and I didn't really want to.  I was just feeling emotional and the girls were being wild and I felt frazzled.  I just didn't feel that I had the energy.  I pushed myself to go and ended up having a great work out and feeling so much better mentally and emotionally when I left.

Recently, my friend Laura said that she wishes she'd be a stress-work-outer instead of a stress-eater.  I have to wonder if a person can turn into this.  When I'm at the gym I do feel as though I am doing something that is all mine.  It's one little chunk of the day that I have and am devoting to myself.  Oddly, when I was a smoker I used to feel similarly about cigarettes.  What a strange comparison.

Tonight my Dad took the girls out for shopping, manicures and dinner at P.F Chengs.  My mom and I ended up at a restaurant in Naples for a girls night.  It's called Sea Salt and we had such a great dinner.  For our appetizer we had a cold plate of raw oysters, shrimp and lump crab meat.  Then we split a beet, hazelnut, arugula and goat cheese salad.  I had ahi tuna with seaweed salad as my main course and it was DELICIOUS.

Check out this ahi tuna.

Also, as a side note, though I appear particularly orange in that picture with my mom, I'd like to state for the record that no artificial tanners or tanning bed lights have touched my body.  The pumpkinesque nature of my appearance remains a mystery.

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