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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Etsy Shop

Hey ya'll, if you're looking for a beautifully crafted, homemade gift, you may want to check out my friend Erika's Etsy shop.  She's having a big sale right now, and you know, the holidays are just around the corner!!!!

Also, these purchases are heart healthy, as the proceeds from Erika's sales will all go directly toward saving her house which is in danger of going into foreclosure.  

Here's the message on her Etsy page:
I'm having a bit of a "Save My House" sale on Etsy right now- hoping to keep our house from going into foreclosure, as my hubby's over time hours were cut early this summer and we don't want to lose the house! We have 10 days to become completely current on our mortgage and the clock is ticking. Thanks for looking!

I have bought a few things from Erika over the years, including her kit for making the cutest felt valentines ever and a gorgeous painting that we hung in Bunny's bedroom.

Here are a few of my favorites that she has up now!

Erika is wildly talented and takes custom orders.

I'm fairly certain that if you can think it, she can make it.

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