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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cooking for Dogs

I cook for everyone else in my family, why not add Groovy-James and Sidney Holler?

The dogs have been eating Fresh Pet Select dog food on top of a bit of natural kibble.  I like that their food seems "real" and not like a bunch of byproducts and fillers.  So, why not take it to the next level and start making them their food?

I've been reading up on it and as it turns out, Groovy-James and Sidney can have a similar diet to mine.  Other than not being able to tolerate spices and having to keep it bland, they'll be able to stay strong and healthy when eating plain white rice, peas, carrots and unseasoned, baked chicken.  So, that's what I have made them.  I will keep reading and accumulating recipes in an effort to change things up for them from time to time.

And they love it!

I think that I'll still add the kibble to their food to give it a little bit of crunch!  But they seem very happy with their homemade dog food!

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  1. I make my dogs' food when they have upset tummies from getting into something outside or into the cat food. I do the chicken and rice thing for them and they love it.