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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Death Cookbook

I've been thinking a lot about the meals that I make for my family- what they ask for repeatedly and what they'll remember me for someday.  

Everyone has those childhood foods that smell like  poetic wafts of comfort and nostalgia.  For me, it's my Dad's spaghetti and meatballs, which he promptly stopped making after he became friends with real Italian people.  So many things bring me back: the smell of a holiday turkey at 8 am, eggs and meat sizzling away for brunch on a snow day.  Blueberry muffins at Christmas.  Roast beef and popovers.  Huge batches of homemade soup.  Entenmann's Rasberry coffee cake.  Port wine cheese and crackers.  Food was such an important part of life growing up.  I come from a family that LOVES to eat (though my mom would probably promise you that she does not love to eat).  My dad is a pretty creative cook and was constantly trying out new ideas.  I'm pretty certain that he never uses a recipe, so most of our meals growing up were of his own creation.  Just like me! 

I started wishing that my dad had written a cookbook and wondered if my kids would feel the same way someday.

So, I asked Bunny and Lila if there are things that I make that they'd like to make for their own families someday.  At first they couldn't wrap their heads around the fact that the day will come that they do not live in the same house as me and may have to cook for themselves.  But then my children seemed to simultaneously remember that someday I'm going to die.  And they might need my recipes after I'm dead if they ever want to eat these things again.  And, by George, a miraculous outpouring of ideas came out of my children's mouths.  By my pending death, they were inspired to write the table of contents for my very own cookbook!

And so, together we formed a concept for "The Death Cookbook."  

I'm never going to publish this cookbook.  As a matter of fact, when I was taking note of everything I'll include in it, I was surprised by how many appetizers and sides my kids love, and how little "actual food" they requested.  

Here's what I'm thinking!  I've built a table of contents and have started to type out all of my recipes.  When all was said and done, I ended up with 50 family loved recipes.  My idea is that I'd like to get a huge drawing tablet and I'd like to take my time and hand write the recipes inside.  Instead of taking photographs, I'd like to illustrate it myself with colored pencil.  

Then, when I'm done (in like, 10 years) I'm going to have it laminated.  

Let's hope that my kids don't end up feuding someday, because I'm not making two of these!

Here's what I'm going to put in it! 

1. Methods of thickening soups, sauces and gravies
2 The universal appetizer tray- to please every pallet
3 Cheesy garlic bread
4 Pie crust
5 Pizza crust
6 Cinnamon bread
7 focaccia bread
8 Tortilla chips
9 Cranberry Sauce
10 Marinade for outdoor grilling
11 Hash browns
12 Taco dip
13 Butternut Squash
14 Scampi sauce for chicken, shrimp or veggies
15 Artichoke dip
16 Mashed potatoes
17 Sweet honey gravy for citrus stuffed chicken
18 Nacho cheese sauce
19 Asian grilled wings
20 A  perfect salad
21 Pasta salad

22 Cabbage soup
23 Butternut squash soup
24 Tomato soup
25 Chicken soup
26 Beef stew

27 Mac and cheese casserole
28 Citrus stuffed chicken
29 chicken parmesan
30 chicken pot pie
31 tomato sauce
32 meatballs
33 pot roast
34 roast beef
35 holiday turkey
36 Quiche 
37 French Toast
38 BBQ ribs
39 Chicken fingers
40 Lemon chicken
41 Apple pie
42 Blueberry pie
43 Caramel
44 Cheesecake
45 Chocolate dipped macaroons
46 Rice crispy treats
47 Kettle Corn
48 Fudge
49 Apple Crisp

50 Peach Cobbler

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  1. I would totally buy that cookbook and I think the name rocks!