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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Since I'm a fan of airing all of my dirty laundry in my blog, I have a confession. Until recently I've been able to hide the fact that I work out while listening to Pink's Greatest Hits album and it really keeps me focused and going.  Now I share an rdio account with Jay Holler and each week he posts the music that we listen to the most on Twitter.  As I work out more and more... Pink shows up with pretty embarrassing consistency. 

Here's the song that I listen to on repeat.  I imagine that most people in the gym are being motivated by techno beat, while I am losing myself to this...


  1. You say this like it's a bad thing. In our house, Pink takes top billing! Girly and I adore Pink. I say keep rocking out to Pink with your workouts and let your freak flag fly! Or....more appropriately, raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways. :)

  2. That completely shocks me.

    I thought that I was the only one. lol

    But you know, I'm too school for cool... so...

  3. Really? Is it because I give off so much of a folk-art, hippie vibe?

    It took me a while to explain to Girly what "too school for cool" meant. She just didn't get it. :) haha!

  4. I remember talking awhile back and you saying that you were into really ethnic music. I don't know why that made me think that you can't have more than one interest or preference.