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Friday, August 3, 2012

Picture of the Day/Vacation Post #7

Today was the sort of day that I relish.

The weather here was beautiful. All I really wanted to do was to sit poolside with a few magazines.  My dad took Bunny out to grab new golf clubs and gear.   Lila and my mom went to pick up a few Amelia Badelia books from the library.

I woke up and went out to the gym.  I did 30 minutes of weight training and then did a run with an extra ten minutes of cario (on the elliptical).  It was a hard workout.  I'm considering taking the morning off tomorrow, but I'll see how I feel when the time comes.  Each year we celebrate the kids birthdays in Naples.  We have a party for Bunny each year at Easter and we do Lila's in the summer.  Tomorrow is Lila's party (though her actual birthday isn't until August 25th).

When I came home from the gym this morning, I got directly into my swimsuit and relaxed the day away.  I swam.  I drank a little wine.  I read magazines.  I played in the pool with my kids.

My dad gave the girls a remote control boat and everyone had fun sitting outside of the pool and chasing all of the swimmers with it.

We all headed out to an Italian restaurant in Naples for an amazing, amazing, amazing dinner.  One thing that I sincerely miss about the east coast is the great food.  I started with a seafood salad and followed it with a mahi mahi over grilled polenta and sauteed chard.  Oh my god.  It was heavenly.  We haven't had much luck with food in California.  This was just incredible.

Here are a few pictures from the day:

 Lila and my dad, chasing Bunny around the pool with the remote controlled boat.

The famous boat.

My billion dollar toes.

Bunny and her golf gear.  
She tells me that her Bunny is for her driver. 


After dinner bike ride.

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