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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Raw Food Cleanse

I am going to do something crazy.

From September 1st through September 15th I'm going on a raw food cleanse.

I've always been interested in eating raw, but I've never given it a shot.  I hear that people feel great when they do it.  I would like to give my body a break from caffeine, alcohol, processed food and animal products.  I do not see this as being a diet that would be something I'd commit to as a way of life, but I am interested in seeing how I feel on it.

One thing that has always prevented me from becoming totally raw is my addiction to coffee.  I am gripped by a nearly disabling anxiety when I think of going without my morning coffee.  Caffeine certainly has me by the ovaries, that's for sure.  So, today I cut back to just one cup of coffee and I'll continue to have one cup per day until August 29th.  On August 29th I'll give it up completely and on September 1st I'll go raw for two weeks.

Most people commit to a one month cleanse, but Jay and I are going into San Francisco to see his buddy play with Sondre Lerche and I'd like to be able to toss a few back that night.   Also, I think that two weeks will be enough time for me to feel the difference.

The last time I did a vegan 28 day challenge I ended up feeling pretty craptastic.  I was just sluggish and exhausted and struggled to feel full.  This time I'm going to incorporate more nuts and I was thrilled to read that pesto is A-OK on a raw foods diet.  I'll be eating way more than carrot sticks and celery.  And though I'm not going to go so crazy as to invest in a dehydrator, I might just grab a nice blender to make a smoothie to start my day!

I found this really great article that talks about the benefits of doing the type of cleanse that I'm planning to do.  I have a good feeling that this is really going to help me!

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