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Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Bucket List

You know, I've never made a bucket list.

I'm the type of person who thinks of loads of awesome things that I'd like to do, and then forgets shortly thereafter.  Maybe I'm just easily distracted and a little ADD.

Today, I'm going to pen a bucket list that I can defer to when I'm looking for an adventure or making a plan!

It includes things that I want to do and stuff like I'd like to have!  This is just a beginning...

1 Decide what I want to be when I grow up
2 Own a bakery
3 Learn to play the guitar
4 Buy a yellow house
5 Have an infinity pool
6 Live internationally with my family
7 Reach my goal weight and stay there forever
8 Get enough sleep most nights
9 Be addiction free
10 Spend time in India with my children
11 Write a cookbook
12 Learn to drive stick
13 and then buy an old VW Bus
14 Take my kids across the country in an RV
15 See all 50 states
16 See the Northern Lights
17 Make a good friend everywhere I live
18 Camp at Lake Tahoe
19 Work hard to nurture and preserve the close relationship that my children have
20 Get a spiraler for vegetables
21 Cover my bathroom in wallpaper that has little toilets on it
22 Like what I look like
23 Live on a commune
24 Be on a reality tv show
25 Find a religion
26 Make a crayon painting
27 Mosaic a wall in my yellow house
28 Teach my children charity
29 Get 200 minutes of exercise each week
30 Make it through a raw foods cleanse
31 Own a sail boat
32 Drive down the Florida Keys
33 Go back to St. Thomas for a week
34 See Hawaii
35 Own the things that we never buy but I always want- vacuum cleaner, iron, food processor etc..
36 Make every Paula Deen recipe
37 Handmake one Christmas gift for everyone I know
38 Have financial security and freedom
39 Go to my 20 year high school reunion
40 Foster a child
41 Learn to make really good almond milk
42 Grow my own food
43 Own chickens
44 Learn to make wine
45 Take  a bus trip up to Napa
46 Be able to take my parents on a vacation
47 Save enough money for my children to go to any college that they want to and never need a loan
48 Start sending Christmas cards and yearly updates
49 Find a pottery studio and go there often
50 Have a family portrait taken each year


  1. OMG I love you so much! And, I'm a day late, but Happy Birthday to you my dear friend!

  2. Happy Birthday to you too!!!!!!

    I will call tomorrow.

  3. I've always wanted to start a bucket list...but I've been too chicken! But I can tell you right now these top the list.....
    1. Skydive
    2. Hot air balloon ride
    3. Parasail
    4. Be confident and happy with 'me'
    5. Go camping with you at lake tahoe!
    6. Start a blog with a pen name so nobody knows who I am

    Love and miss you so much sweetie. Sorry I missed your birthday - I hope it was magical!

  4. Hey Charity, I miss you so much as well. I seriously hope to see you at the wedding in November. I am counting the days. I'd love for you to meet my girls!

    I really need to add parasailing to my list and let's hope that you are camping with me in Tahoe someday. If you start that blog, you best send it to me ASAP!