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Friday, April 13, 2012

Super Shopper

I know that this is an uncomfortably fuzzy picture, but if you focus in on the middle of the page you'll see "Your Savings 112.87."

This morning, I ran to the grocery store to restock our empty pantry.  Jay doesn't cook and Twitter provides all of his meals, so  I left the cabinets empty and returned to find them empty.  While the girls and I were away on vacation I can not find evidence that my husband ate anything here at all.  You'd think that he might have bought an oven roaster chicken or there'd be some remnants of take out burritos from last weekend, but nope.  Nothing.

Normally I break my shopping trip up into several different stops based on price and quality, but I usually do my shopping while the girls are at school and technically they are still on spring break and therefor are home today.  There are two things in the world that my children hate:  1.) spending more than 20 minutes in the car and 2.) long trips to the grocery store.  My children are lovely little people with whom I wholeheartedly enjoy spending the bulk of my time, but they transform into demanding, complaining, fighting, tantrumming, begging monsters in both of these situations and it makes for a truly horrible shopping experience.  Given that I am exhausted and jet lagged, impatient and grouchy today, I thought better of my normal grocery shopping routine and decided to just do the whole list at my local Safeway.  I don't mind going to Safeway, though it's not ever my first choice.  The money I spend there goes toward our escript commitment at the school, so it has its benefits.  On the other hand, it can be a little bit pricey in my opinion, so I set out with the intention of buying only what was on sale.

Now I am always a pretty good grocery shopper, but THIS savings was my best effort yet.  Normally, after a big shop I've saved anywhere between $40 and $80, but I really outdid myself today.  Here's to eating well!

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