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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Crooked House

I've been doing a lot of backyard pricing for my summer of sun and relaxation at home and one thing that has been bothering me is the quality of playhouse that we can afford.

Unfortunately, we don't have a thousand plus dollars to spend on a playhouse alone.  I sincerely wish that we did because I'd totally buy my girls a crazy, triple-decker, lofted, fully furnished playhouse that they could enjoy well into their teen years.

Jay and I have imagined having a playhouse where we could plaster children's artwork all over the walls and they could make a total mess of and never have to clean up.  So, I've been a little bit sad when researching what I can get for the money I have to spend.  With Lila going on 7 years old and Bunny 8 years old, they're far too big for the little playhouses that you can buy at a toy store.  Even some of the larger, log-cabin, type houses that are out of my budget are a poor investment.  I mean, even if we did splurge on one, they would likely only get a year or so of use out of it before they outgrow it entirely.

So, the wheels in my head began turning.  Why can't Jay and I build the kids a playhouse ourselves?  I mean, he's pretty great at putting things together and working with measurements and I'm pretty handy and creative.  It would be a super fun project to work on together, and with his new schedule at Twitter he has every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off and every other Saturday off too.  If we started building this summer, I'll bet that we could have it entirely built by the time spring rolls around.  I mean, we're in California, so we don't exactly have the weather restrictions that we did on the east coast. I've been looking at crooked houses and I'm certain that we could make one happen together!

I did some research and it looks like for between $20 and $80 we can get some pretty detailed instructions.  My friends Siet and Jenny built a whole tiny house out of almost all reclaimed free materials. I'm not suggesting that we could be that lucky, but I'll  bet with a bit of patience and some thorough investigation we could at least get a few great deals!

This is just a thought right now, but I think I'm going to do a lot of researching and thinking about it and I'm going to hold off on buying a playhouse for the time being.  Maybe we can start our building in July!

Not only will my girls have an awesome play space for years to come, but I get a bunch of non-technology saturated time with my husband.  Love that!!!!!


  1. Do you have a Freecycle chapter out there? I bet you could get all your wood for free through Freecycle!

  2. Hey, that's what Siet and Jenny did! I am going to look into it. If we could score even half of the wood for free I'd be over the moon. I did find some great plans that were detailed and free. It's not for a crooked house, but for a more basic playhouse. That's fine with me. The magic all happens in the details anyway.