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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Bunny Holler: Post 1

Each year for Bunny's birthday she and I seek out some cakestrosity that she thinks is extra special and she challenges me to make it for her class.  It's our tradition.  She selects the confection and I do my best as an amateur baker and craftstress to rise to the occasion.

This year, my friend who should be on  sweet genius Jennifer posted pictures of high heel cupcakes and I and Bunny went gaga for them.  We decided to make them blue so that the boys in her class wouldn't feel entirely Barbified.  I also wanted to challenge myself further by making the interior of the cupcake rainbow!  This is something that I have seen several times but haven't ever had occasion to try!  I think it will be a fun surprise for the kids when they bite into their cupcakes!

Here's the How To:
First, I chose decorative cupcake wrappers

Then, I made little bows out of fondant

Next, I mixed the cake batter, colored it, layered it in the cupcake wrappers and baked them!

I cut a small sliver out of each cupcake.   It's for the wide part of the graham cracker to rest on. 

While the cupcakes were baking, I cut my graham crackers and dipped them in candy coating.  Then I cut the heels for the shoes!

After dipping the graham crackers, make sure you stick them in the freezer for a few minutes after you dip each side.  And put them on parchment paper.

I let my cupcakes cool overnight before decorating them!

Frost the sliver that you left out of the cupcake white.  
Then frost the rest blue and cover it in sprinkles.

Glue the heel to the small end of the graham cracker using melted candy.

Put it all together!  Add the bow.  Pipe around the edges of the arch with frosting and use decorative candies to make it festive!

Because of the colors here I think that these would be perfect for a bridal shower!  I sort of wish I'd gone with yellows and greens, but all in all, I'm really thrilled by the way they turned out and I think that the kids will love them tomorrow.  


  1. those are very spectacular! although i don't think making them blue is going to tougher them up enough for the boys. =) maybe if they had spikes or skulls or something instead of bows...

  2. They were a big hit! I agree about the blue. It did nothing. One of the little boys told me that they were "too beautiful to eat." I wanted to pick him up and squeeze him.

  3. Your so cool. Awesome job.