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Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday After School

It's hard to believe that it was only a year ago when my girls were playing in the fire hydrants of south Philly with the other neighborhood kids.  So much has changed.

They are enjoying the freedom of Friday afternoon.  No homework.  Nowhere to go and nothing that has to get done.  With week schedules that are jam packed with too much action, one afternoon of free play is necessary.

Because we don't have my dream backyard just yet, the girls are making the best of our garden hose!


And they aren't the only Holler's who love the sunshine!  Groovy James is quite the sunbather himself!  I may need to invest in a bet of doggy sunscreen!  


  1. Look at those tans and the white feet! LOL!

    Groovy James is made of awesome!

  2. Hahhahahahhaah... I think that's the way the sunlight was shining on them! lol. We aren't that tan just yet! Well, maybe Lila is because she's got Jay's olive complexion.

    Groovy James is 3 parts awesome and 1 part mischief, like all boys. hahahha... xoxo