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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Work Week

Guess what I did yesterday?

I started my very own bank account with the money from my paycheck. We're just going to put all of my pay in savings from this point forward. Now that we're finally back on our feet and mostly through recovery from the financial hit that we took from the bb's, we're able to start saving without changing too much about our lifestyle.

It's another snowy day in Philadelphia! Hopefully, the snow won't prevent Jay and I from taking the girls to their Oma's house for an overnight visit so that he and I can head out to Hoboken to see Particle Zoo play at Maxwell's.

The girls had a snow day from school yesterday. Jay actually called the school phone line and it said that it was cancelled and we later found out that it wasn't cancelled (but it was too late at that point) so the girls and I went to work together. It was a little bit hectic to have them there. They don't really understand that there are times when they can't be my number one priority. Like, when a customer is there and talking to me, I can't have them interrupting my conversation to open a marker case or paint tub. Truthfully, I'm glad that they don't understand that. They are ALWAYS my number one priority and I am happy to know that they realize how valuable they are to me. But, working with them is a little bit stressful. I am going to have them with me on Martin Luther King day as well. I think that it will be easier the second time. Yesterday Lila did a lot of ringing up and Bunny did a lot of greeting people at the door. Luckily, J came in an hour early so that I could get the girls out of there.

Which brings me to this: I had a really off week at work. I was PMSie and grouchy and forgetful and tired... like EXHAUSTED. Then Bunny got sick and I had the girls at work... all in all it was a big fail for me. I'll have to work harder next week.

I have Monday off for the big appointment, so I'll need to go back on Tuesday in full force.

Sales have been a tiny bit better for me. Mostly this is because our store sells a whole line of natural cleaning products called Sun and Earth. They are local to Philadelphia and are definitely the best quality of cleaning product that I've ever used. They just clean about 1000 times better than Ecover or Seventh Generation. In our store we also have a refill station where people can bring in any bottle and we'll refill laundry detergent, dish washing liquid, dish washer pellets, fabric softener, hand soap and all purpose cleaner. You can also pre-pay for 10 refills (which is only $45 and never expires). Right now we have a deal going on where people can pay $45 dollars, get 10 refills on laundry soap, one free all purpose cleaner, one free dish washing liquid and one free hand soap. It's a GREAT DEAL. And because it's such a great deal, people really want to buy them and they makes sales all the better. I had one woman come in yesterday and buy two cards... that's 1000 oz. of laundry detergent.

It's really coming down outside. Looks like it might be a night in for Jay and I.


  1. It stopped snowing here for now. It's supposed to start back up again tonight, though.

    Those cleaners sound amazing! Too bad I live so far away!

  2. Do you have a dishwasher? I'll send you s few different things! Just because you can't buy it again doesn't mean that you shouldn't enjoy it.

  3. Have I missed something? What's the big appointment on Monday?

  4. i imagine that having the girls at work would be really difficult. even when i work with kids i feel that i can get so absorbed in an activity with a few kids that when i get interrupted, i feel a bit startled.

    i hope you get out to pzoo, but don't risk it in the snow, yo <3

  5. Hey Kim, send me your email via facebook. I'll send you an invite to my private blog so that you can read about it if you want to! xoxo

    Nikkol, we didn't go!