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Sunday, January 23, 2011

On The Menu

Jay is on his way home from Buddy weekend. He left on Thursday morning and is on the train heading towards Philly now.

Our stove has been broken since that dreadful day last week when it began expelling thick walls of fat, black smoke throughout my home. Today, I really wanted to make a nice, big, all-day-cooking meal. I decided to use the self-clean option to remedy the situation and it worked. Of course, I had to open all the windows and turn off the heat and leave with my kids for several hours... but, when we came home everything was closer to fine.

I treated us to some fancy Whole Foods groceries. I got the ingredients to make chicken Parmesan and stuffed salmon with spinach, feta and pine nuts. I'm going to steam broccoli and make spaghetti too. For dessert I made heart shaped Rice Krispy treats in the muffin cups that my friend Meghan sent to me.

Mmmm... delicious!


  1. so cute! i love it! - the heart treats that is and the caring of your hubby and fam ;)

    i am glad the self clean worked. you should do it again when you have a chance just to be safe :)

    your food is so good. if i ever eat meat, it would be salmon. bc i remember that it tasted good from the one time i tried it.


  2. The big oven on my Fabulous 400 gave out again the other night. Works, doesn't work, works...I think this time it may never work again.