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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Picture of The Day

We had such a crazy day yesterday.

The girls didn't have school, I had a doctors appointment AND work and we weren't able to dig our car out of the snow (which turned out to be a blessing because most of the roads we needed to travel hadn't been plowed and had absolutely no parking available.)

After work, I promised Bunny that we'd get her ears pierced. It was snowing again and we decided to walk to the mall anyway. On our way, we cam across these humongous snowmen and we took a few minutes to stop and climb all over them!

Then, Bunny had her big moment! She was petrified but determined to do it. This is the second time that we've gone to have her ears pierced. Last time she sat in the chair and then suddenly changed her mind so we left. She's really been agonizing about it since. Finally, she did it.

I really didn't want to have Bunny's ears pierced with a gun. I have read a lot about it and wanted her to have them pierced with a needle. Unfortunately, it's illegal to take a child that is Bunny's age into a piercing salon in PA, so we were really limited and had to go the gun route. Not even the pediatrician pierces any more. We'll just keep them clean and hope for the best.

She is so happy!!!!


  1. Yay, Bunny! We're pierced ears pals! I just got mine redone! http://peonies-and-pistols.blogspot.com/2011/01/pierced.html

  2. snow storms in the city are the worst for driving, good luck!

    and YaY bunny! I am so glad that you are willing to do this for her and that you didn't pressure her the first time, it really was her decision :)

    she looks cute as usual.

    and holy snowpeople, batman!!!

  3. I think that she looks so much like Jay in this picture. The coloring can throw you off... but her features are so much like his.

  4. I haven't been over in a while : ) so I came to say hi! Our pediatrician still pierces. Now I just need a baby girl so I can utilize that service : ) Hope you are doing well : ) Love, Becky