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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dirty, Guilty Secret Pleasure

You probably know how much I love Sangria. After all, if I'm not drinking it, I'm planning to drink it. And if I don't have it in my plans, you can usually bet that I have the flu or I'm "watching my carbs."

Recently, I discovered the BEST Sangria recipe ever. I had never made it with Triple Sec or Brandy before and have to admit that I worried that spiking my alcohol with hard alcohol seemed alcoholic like a bad idea and screamed REALLY BAD HANGOVER to me. In the end, it was just fruity, perfect, light and delicious. If you're a Sangria lover, give that recipe ago!

There is just something about a lovely, big, fruit filled glass of Sangria. It's like juice for grown-ups. OR it's like wine if wine went on a vacation to Spain and traded in it's Christian Lacroix's for a pair of platform flilpflops made by Jessica Simpson.


Here is what only the closest people to me (and the guy who works at the South Street Wine and Spirits store) knows about me. Franzia makes Sangria IN A BOX and it's the most delicious beverage in the whole, entire world. Generally, I'm too embarrassed to buy my wine in a box so I make Jay do it, but he's away on a Buddy weekend and today is Saturday. I wanted to run my errands, come home, cook and cook and cook and clean my house from top to bottom and then relax with a glass of Sangria. I could spend $60 and make my own, OR I could spend $12.99 and have a box of it in my fridge for awhile.

It's so good.

On a completely separate note:

the girls and I were out to brunch with M this morning and our waitress looked at my children, looked at me and said, "Are you twins? Is this your Aunt?"

It's weird having children who do not look anything like you. Bunny looks more and more like Jay as she gets older and Lila looks just like my sister.


  1. yum, sangria! good decision, save the expensive one for when guests are around. box wine is good to have around. maybe i will try to find the sangria kind, others too headachy, lol. enjoy your sangria, you deserve it!

  2. I agree - buying boxed wine just feels so...cheap and non-experienced-wine-drinker!

    HOWEVER...I am NOT typically a Chardonnay fan. But my friend Molly introduced me to the Franzia Chard and let me tell you... it was great! There was nothing more perfect than that wine, chilled, and the patio where we sat and drank it a couple summers ago.

    Oh my.

  3. people are stupid and should keep their dumb opinions to theirselves. Unless posting it publicly on a blog, where people can choose to read. that being said. my opinion is people are dumb.nuff said